Care For Environment

Several countries across the world are facing the problem of intense environmental problems. At Mission Care Foundation Trust we have a strong community with a clear injunction in our mind to engage the society, public sector, and business to tackle the issue of the environmental problem more effectively. We are determined to attain our objective with our distinguished group of volunteers even if we face barriers in pursuing our mission. The Mission Care foundation Trust plays a crucial role to help to plug the gaps by conducting various researches on environmental issues. These researches will significantly facilitate policy development, creating an independent dialogue with the civil society, and building institutional capacity. Thus, our research will help society to get rid of the environmental issue, and thereby, people can live a more sustainable lifestyle.

At Mission Care Foundation Trust, we are working towards a greener world by addressing the issue of the need for conserving the environment and nature. We perform this action by organizing various mass awareness campaigns like tree plantation drives, supporting the use of renewable fuel, the use of sustainable practice for waste removal, etc. We also emphasize the mass utilization of solar energy which is present in an abundant state and can be used for various purposes like cooking, running electric appliances, used a substitute for car fuel, etc.

Due to the excessive use of resources, the non-renewable source of resources is getting exhausted day by day. The excessive use of resources has mainly occurred due to rapid growth and globalization. Having high resource consumption causes a profound effect on social, environmental, and economic factors. We at the mission care foundation Trust facilitate open dialogue with the civil society on the topic of environmental implications of development and growth. Thus, to support the cause for environmental awareness we have an active group of supporters who are engaged in development, relief, activism to support the environment. Similarly, to support this cause we also conduct research on environmental factors both in pan-country demographics, and grass-root levels. At the mission care foundation Trust, we are united on our goal for sustainability and the public good. We give more emphasis on the awareness of environmental sustainability across the country.