Women Right

Our Vision

That “Our Activity-cum-Intensive Care of the Human and all living bodies journey started in 2019 with the inception of care to People and Animals, while in the MCFT We are pioneering in executing the diverse activities in all areas of Livelihood, Agriculture (Growth, Development & Employment), Women & Child Rights, Environment, Animal Care, Health Care, Mass Education, Road Safety, Afforestation, Economic & Digital awareness, Awaring the mass of All types of Governance and Related Department.



  • MCFT aims at to safeguard the basic health and hygiene of women and community thereof by Awaring them personally as well as communally about how to keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our prime objective is to teach, acknowledge the rural women on the health and hygiene with proper training by Our expert activists.
  • There is a famous saying that ,”If a women is Educated then a Family is Nurtured with Education”. Hence, MCFT has got the prime aim to Educate the women especially in rural areas at utmost priority. Our main objective is to teach the rural women communally by Our Excellent co-related activists with proper management. MCFT also has the aim to teach online banking related knowledge and thereof application.
  • MCFT has got key attention to train the community of rural women about mass sanitation programme. Our main aim is at to create awareness about sanitation and follow-up with regulation by our Sanitation experts regularly in the areas of operation.
  • For the thousands of stifled women in low-income communities across the State, MCFT  is the key to unlocking their power! MCFT touches their lives, by transforming the many groups that work with grassroots women – helping create powerful, enterprising women that produce and sell Handicrafts, Handlooms and hand-made products. Together, they provide livelihood opportunities to these low-income women – empowering them to become role models and change makers in their families and communities.
  • As women were not allowed to make decisions for them, women empowerment came in like a breath of fresh air. It made them aware of their rights and how they must make their own place in society rather than depending on a man. It recognized the fact that things cannot simply work in someone’s favor because of their gender. However, we still have a long way to go when we talk about the reasons why we need it


  • Almost every country, no matter how progressive has a history of ill-treating women. In other words, women from all over the world have been rebellious to reach the status they have today. While the western countries are still making progress, third world countries like India still lack behind in Women Empowerment.