Health Right

Our vision

That “Our Activity-cum-Intensive Care of the Human and all living bodies journey started in 2019 with the inception of care to People and Animals, while in the MCFT We are pioneering in executing the diverse activities in all areas of Livelihood, Agriculture (Growth, Development & Employment), Women & Child Rights, Environment, Animal Care, Health Care, Mass Education, Road Safety, Afforestation, Economic & Digital awareness, Awaring the mass of All types of Governance and Related Department.


  • Irrespective of social, economic, religious, cultural or any such factors, proper, effective and efficient healthcare is needed by everyone. Health will affect quality of life, educational achievements, and economic productivity. Childhood behaviors continue in adulthood, especially health-related ones such as personal hygiene practices and habits acquired in childhood.
  • Health is inextricably linked to educational achievements,quality of life, and economic productivity. By acquiring health-related knowledge, values, skills, and practices, children can be empowered to pursue a healthy life and to work as agents of change for the health of their communities.
  • At MCFT we aim at establish FIRST MEDICATION CENTRE  in all our activity villages and carry out intensive Health Care at very low & affordable cost to the Rurals. Personal and communal Health is to be coordinated and proper care will be taken by our expert Health Care Professional of MCFT.
  • Primary priority will be given to Women & Child along with aged People at rural area. Our expert health care professional carry out Awareness campaign, A V (Audio Video) Program based on healthy life style with little money expenses, Regular preventive check-ups for chronic diseases and most of all proper knowledge delivery towards maintaining a clean Oral health.


  1. Drug procurement and distribution
  2. Mandatory pre-PG rural service
  3. Internship training by MCFT on Health Care Activities.
  4. Pancha Byadhi Chikitsa (5 Diseases Treatment Scheme) by MCFT.
  5. Multi-skilling of health personnel
  6. Vitamin A campaign by Expert and Trained Activists.
  7. First Referral Unit Establishment.
  8. Health and Family Welfare Training Centre by MCFT.
  9. Health Assistant (Female)/Lady Health Visitor &  Health Assistant (Male) by MCFT.
  10. Health Camp Awareness of fatal diseases like Malaria, Hepatitis B, Cold Related diseases  by Health Care activists with regular check ups and Medicine Distribution.