Road Saftey Awareness

Our Vision

That “Our Activity-cum-Intensive Care of the Human and all living bodies journey started in 2019 with the inception of care to People and Animals, while in the MCFT We are pioneering in executing the diverse activities in all areas of Livelihood, Agriculture (Growth, Development & Employment), Women & Child Rights, Environment, Animal Care, Health Care, Mass Education, Road Safety, Afforestation, Economic & Digital awareness, Awaring the mass of All types of Governance and Related Department.

Road Saftey Awareness

In order to promote safer, responsible road use, at the Mission Care Foundation Trust, we organize numerous road safety awareness campaigns. Our campaigns on road safety campaigns are an effective way to convey crucial road safety messages to the public. The primary aim of conducting road safety awareness campaigns is to reduce the chances of accidents occurring on the roads significantly. There is a significant need to organize road safety awareness programs as the number of causalities by road accidents are increasing, and there is a requirement to stop this. If people are aware, then they would drive in a prudent way.

These campaigns are often organized at the regional, local, and organizational levels. Similarly, it also involves encouraging action and involvement at the grassroots level by the local stakeholders like local authorities, educators, community groups, etc. The road safety awareness program of our mission care foundation Trust promotes as well as offers resources, information, and events to encourage the people to take part in the campaign. Our road safety campaigns are organized to target audiences like teenagers and young people who tend to drive dangerously. This is because at our mission care foundation Trust road safety awareness camps, we mainly put emphasis on reaching those people who can have a most significant impact on road safety. 

Apart from only organizing road safety camps, we at mission care foundation Trust also organizes numerous essay and debate competition on road safety in schools and colleges. Our road safety awareness program is not like a traditional awareness program but, it consists of engaging themes so that a maximum number of people get involved in the program. We distribute pamphlets among the people in which the hazards of careless driving, drinking, and driving all issues are highlighted. 

Apart, from this, we also raise awareness among the people by encouraging them to use the road signs, zebra crossing, stop at the red signal, etc., wearing a helmet, and wearing a belt. Our road safety campaigns become more effective when we impart the knowledge of road signs to students. And make them understand why to use the pedestrian crossing, or walk on the footpath instead of roads, etc. This will create a huge impact on society as they will learn and tell their parents and other people about the right use of road safety measures etc.