Public Health Awareness

Our Vision

That “Our Activity-cum-Intensive Care of the Human and all living bodies journey started in 2019 with the inception of care to People and Animals, while in the MCFT We are pioneering in executing the diverse activities in all areas of Livelihood, Agriculture (Growth, Development & Employment), Women & Child Rights, Environment, Animal Care, Health Care, Mass Education, Road Safety, Afforestation, Economic & Digital awareness, Awaring the mass of All types of Governance and Related Department.

Public Health Awareness

We at Mission Care Foundation Trust are supporting the public health system at the ground level by amplifying the management of the health facilities. Numerous people across the world are deprived of necessary health facilities. We aim to enhance the health facilities so that these health care can be readily available to the needy people. In order to reach a level of sustainability, we give primary focus on prevention of diseases more than cure. This will help to decrease the disease burden upon poor people. We organize numerous campaigns on public health issues so that there will be awareness generation and attitudinal change among the people. This is done through the successful engagement with the people of all communities and also with the school children.

In the underdeveloped places, there are high cases of maternal mortality rate due to lack of medicines, medical infrastructure, lack of facilities to carry a woman to the hospitals, etc. With an aspiration to enhance the medical facilities of the underprivileged people, we aim to provide emergency medical facilities for pregnant women and other patients. This program will significantly help to reduce the maternal mortality rate in the underdeveloped areas. Similarly, we also aim to leverage the latest technologies in the medical infrastructure so that people can get the best medical service at an affordable cost.

We at Mission Care Foundation Trust also facilitate numerous health checkups camps for the needy people. Till now we have done numerous health care checkups camps like the eye check-up, heart checks up, etc. These camps were organized with an aim to provide medical services free of cost to the people. The people who are unable to go to the far away situated hospitals were significantly benefitted from these camps. Apart, from organizing camps and campaigns, we also provide training to the grass-root health care workers to redesign and enhance the health care system.

Under the public health awareness project, another primary task that we play is to eradicate the problem of malnutrition among kids from society. Problem of malnutrition is a common problem in the underdeveloped areas where people suffer from poverty. We work tirelessly to eradicate this issue by creating awareness campaigns among the people about the importance of nutrient-rich food. Moreover, we also provide them with foods that are rich in nutrients like carbohydrates and protein.