Child Welfare

Our Vision

That “Our Activity-cum-Intensive Care of the Human and all living bodies journey started in 2019 with the inception of care to People and Animals, while in the MCFT We are pioneering in executing the diverse activities in all areas of Livelihood, Agriculture (Growth, Development & Employment), Women & Child Rights, Environment, Animal Care, Health Care, Mass Education, Road Safety, Afforestation, Economic & Digital awareness, Awaring the mass of All types of Governance and Related Department.


Activities in child welfare clinics comprise education in all aspects of motherhood, periodic medical and dental examinations, advice on mental health problems, immunization and vaccination, and distribution of welfare foods

In India, there are various development programs being run for the people. Amongst them, the child welfare programs have been at the center most. There have been many child welfare Programmes since Independence. Below is the list of few programs.


  • ICDS – Integrated Child Development Services:

This program came into effect in 1975. Also, it is aimed at enhancing the nutrition, health, and learning opportunities of infants and young children (O-6 years) along with their mothers. Hence, MCFT has the prime aim  for intensive care on mental health as well as primary education care.

  • Child Health and reproductive Programme:

This scheme came into effect in 1951. So, the main aim was to provide quality sustainable Primary Health Care services to the women. Also, the women in the scheme were in the reproductive age group and a special focus on Immunisation and family planning.


  • Pulse Polio Immunization Programme:

This scheme came into effect in 1995. Thus, the main was to eradicate poliomyelitis (polio) in India. So, it was done by vaccinating all children under five years of age against poliovirus. MCFT has main aim to regulate and take the proper survey of the door to door about the Polio Immunization and awaring the rural mass of the beneficial features of the pulse polio immunization for the children health and growth. 

  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan:

This scheme came into effect in 2001. All children in school, Alternate School, Education Guarantee Centre, ‘ Back-to-School’ camp by 2003. While all children complete 5years of primary schooling by 2007, all children complete 8 years of elementary schooling by 2010 were considered.

With Excellent Educationists MCFT has got the objectives to teach and  take proper care of the rural children through regular distribution of Education Kits to the Children.

Also, the focus was on elementary education for providing satisfactory quality with primary emphasis on education for life. Also, the bridge and social category gaps at primary stage  and  at elementary education level with mass awaring about regular school  going benefits.