Love And Care

For survival, humans not only require food and water, but they also need love and affection. Food, water, medical facilities, etc. are essential for the proper physical growth of the human body. But along with physical development, possession of stable mental health is also essential to lead a happy and satisfying life. 

Every human being craves love and care without which a human life shall always remain incomplete. But the underprivileged section of the society not only has been left out from the primary social strata but also are looked down upon by others that hamper their self-esteem. The mission care foundation understands the importance and need for love and cares that such people require. Through various activities and programs, we try our best to put forward the love and care for such individuals that encourage them to strive for a better and secure future.

The importance of love and care in every human life is something that cannot be undermined. For the overall growth and development of a human being, there needs to exist a judicious mixture of all the essential criteria and factors. Of all the essential criteria such as education, proper food, pure water, and the like, love and affection always acts as a catalyst to these factors. The underprivileged are the ones who always face a dire need of love and affection. Such people not only face neglect but also experience various kinds of atrocities that hamper their self-esteem and mental health adversely.

Moreover, a person can gain the courage and enthusiasm to bring improvements in their life when he/she have someone to care for them. But such underprivileged people lack such people in their life. We aim to remove this gap in the lives of the underprivileged. The Mission Care Foundation acts as the agent of love and cares for such underprivileged people.