Human life is very much unpredictable, owing to the various factors associated with our daily life happenings. It will not be flabbergast to see a healthy person getting infected with some grave health emergency. Humans can face many medical health emergencies at any point in time. Be it an accident or a sudden illness; medical health emergency is such a phenomenon that comes unannounced, leaving behind the victim grief-stricken and physically disabled. Therefore the judicious partnership of the medical and technological field has brought the gift of medical health facilities for humankind. From various advanced technology of diagnosis to technologically advanced medical tools we now have at our aid varied forms of medical facilities that hold the capability to counter almost all the deadliest disease and infection. 

 Along with proper food and access to education, another essential arena that every individual requires to lead a healthy and happy life is proper access to medical health facilities. Even though human society now has at their aid varied forms of medical facilities that will enable them to have improved health. However, such medical facilities come at a certain cost required to meet the various expenses attached to it. 

Just like education and proper food, access to proper medical facilities has always been a distant dream for the underprivileged section of society. This lack of access is basically due to the financial constraint faced by such people. This lack of access to proper medical facilities has forced the underprivileged to lead a pathetic life, not being able to afford treatments for the various health hazards faced by them. We, therefore, have come forward to lend our helping hand to the underprivileged to enable them to have access to proper medical facilities, thereby providing them with a healthy and secure future. 

Another main objective that we wish to achieve is to provide medical facilities to the underprivileged. The underprivileged individuals do not have access to proper medical facilities that leads to various health hazards, often resulting in numerous casualties.