Our Work

Care For Environment

Several countries across the world are facing the problem of intense environmental problems. At Mission Care Foundation we have a strong community with a clear injunction in our mind to engage the society, public sector, and business to tackle the issue of the environmental problem more effectively. We are determined to attain our objective with our distinguished group of volunteers even if we face barriers in pursuing our mission. The Mission Care foundation plays a crucial role to help to plug the gaps by conducting various researches on environmental issues. These researches will significantly facilitate policy development, creating an independent dialogue with the civil society, and building institutional capacity. Thus, our research will help society to get rid of the environmental issue, and thereby, people can live a more sustainable lifestyle.

At Mission Care Foundation, we are working towards a greener world by addressing the issue of the need for conserving the environment and nature. We perform this action by organizing various mass awareness campaigns like tree plantation drives, supporting the use of renewable fuel, the use of sustainable practice for waste removal, etc. We also emphasize the mass utilization of solar energy which is present in an abundant state and can be used for various purposes like cooking, running electric appliances, used a substitute for car fuel, etc.

Due to the excessive use of resources, the non-renewable source of resources is getting exhausted day by day. The excessive use of resources has mainly occurred due to rapid growth and globalization. Having high resource consumption causes a profound effect on social, environmental, and economic factors. We at the mission care foundation facilitate open dialogue with the civil society on the topic of environmental implications of development and growth. Thus, to support the cause for environmental awareness we have an active group of supporters who are engaged in development, relief, activism to support the environment. Similarly, to support this cause we also conduct research on environmental factors both in pan-country demographics, and grass-root levels. At the mission care foundation, we are united on our goal for sustainability and the public good. We give more emphasis on the awareness of environmental sustainability across the country.

Empowering Underprivileged Through Social Empowerment

The underprivileged section of society can be benefitted from the various social upliftment programs. We at Mission Care Foundation strive to provide the various underprivileged benefits through our different social upliftment campaigns and programs. Our prime responsibility is to meet the social and moral requirements of the people who do not easily get these benefits. Through our clear purpose for empowerment, we are gradually advancing towards a significant change in society.

Across the world, there are numerous children who are deprived of basic necessities like education, drinking water, food, and shelter. We through our various program, raise funds to provide these children with the basic necessities. The people mainly remain underprivileged in the countries, where the economic rate is slow, there is a high population and the fewer few jobs. As a result, people remain under the poverty line. We at Mission Care Foundation aim to fight the malnutrition campaign so that no children remain malnutrition. This is achieved by providing underprivileged children with nutrient-rich food.

Our other major program is to fight the issue of child labor and tirelessly work towards removing the notion from society. This issue of child labor is a common problem in backward and low economic countries and places. In the underprivileged section, parents usually send their children to work so that they can contribute towards the financial help for their family. Thus, we are campaigning to ban child labor, and through our mass education programs if the children and underprivileged people get an education, then there would be an end to this problem. Furthermore, we also lay emphasis on providing the underprivileged people with knowledge about remaining clean and maintaining a good diet. Similarly, we also help them to overcome the problem of poor maternal health and sanitization. All the necessary requirements like clothes and food for newborn baby, pregnant women are delivered by us to the underprivileged section of the society.

Education is a vital aspect in the present society. If the underprivileged people are given education, then they can contribute towards building a better nation and society. We provide these underprivileged section children and also adults with free education. This program will help the children to join our free school and take in the educational process. Similarly, adults also get knowledge about basic education so that they can benefit from the future. Another major program of our Mission Care Foundation is to fight the problem of child exploitation. Child trafficking and child begging are becoming a serious issue in society. We aim to get rid of this issue from society.

Public Health Awareness

We at Mission Care Foundation are supporting the public health system at the ground level by amplifying the management of the health facilities. Numerous people across the world are deprived of necessary health facilities. We aim to enhance the health facilities so that these health care can be readily available to the needy people. In order to reach a level of sustainability, we give primary focus on prevention of diseases more than cure. This will help to decrease the disease burden upon poor people. We organize numerous campaigns on public health issues so that there will be awareness generation and attitudinal change among the people. This is done through the successful engagement with the people of all communities and also with the school children.

In the underdeveloped places, there are high cases of maternal mortality rate due to lack of medicines, medical infrastructure, lack of facilities to carry a woman to the hospitals, etc. With an aspiration to enhance the medical facilities of the underprivileged people, we aim to provide emergency medical facilities for pregnant women and other patients. This program will significantly help to reduce the maternal mortality rate in the underdeveloped areas. Similarly, we also aim to leverage the latest technologies in the medical infrastructure so that people can get the best medical service at an affordable cost.

We at Mission Care Foundation also facilitate numerous health checkups camps for the needy people. Till now we have done numerous health care checkups camps like the eye check-up, heart checks up, etc. These camps were organized with an aim to provide medical services free of cost to the people. The people who are unable to go to the far away situated hospitals were significantly benefitted from these camps. Apart, from organizing camps and campaigns, we also provide training to the grass-root health care workers to redesign and enhance the health care system.

Under the public health awareness project, another primary task that we play is to eradicate the problem of malnutrition among kids from society. Problem of malnutrition is a common problem in the underdeveloped areas where people suffer from poverty. We work tirelessly to eradicate this issue by creating awareness campaigns among the people about the importance of nutrient-rich food. Moreover, we also provide them with foods that are rich in nutrients like carbohydrates and protein.

Road Safety Awareness

In order to promote safer, responsible road use, at the mission care foundation, we organize numerous road safety awareness campaigns. Our campaigns on road safety campaigns are an effective way to convey crucial road safety messages to the public. The primary aim of conducting road safety awareness campaigns is to reduce the chances of accidents occurring on the roads significantly. There is a significant need to organize road safety awareness programs as the number of causalities by road accidents are increasing, and there is a requirement to stop this. If people are aware, then they would drive in a prudent way.

These campaigns are often organized at the regional, local, and organizational levels. Similarly, it also involves encouraging action and involvement at the grassroots level by the local stakeholders like local authorities, educators, community groups, etc. The road safety awareness program of our mission care foundation promotes as well as offers resources, information, and events to encourage the people to take part in the campaign. Our road safety campaigns are organized to target audiences like teenagers and young people who tend to drive dangerously. This is because at our mission care foundation road safety awareness camps, we mainly put emphasis on reaching those people who can have a most significant impact on road safety. 

Apart from only organizing road safety camps, we at mission care foundation also organizes numerous essay and debate competition on road safety in schools and colleges. Our road safety awareness program is not like a traditional awareness program but, it consists of engaging themes so that a maximum number of people get involved in the program. We distribute pamphlets among the people in which the hazards of careless driving, drinking, and driving all issues are highlighted. 

Apart, from this, we also raise awareness among the people by encouraging them to use the road signs, zebra crossing, stop at the red signal, etc., wearing a helmet, and wearing a belt. Our road safety campaigns become more effective when we impart the knowledge of road signs to students. And make them understand why to use the pedestrian crossing, or walk on the footpath instead of roads, etc. This will create a huge impact on society as they will learn and tell their parents and other people about the right use of road safety measures etc.