Pure Water

To lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life humans require various essential factors and components. Food, shelter, water, education, clothing, etc. are some of the essential factors that every human requires for survival. Along with food, water is yet another crucial resource without which every living species will face the danger of extinction. But just the mere presence of water is not enough for one’s survival, but the presence of pure water is something that every living being requires. 

However, the availability of pure water has become a distant dream for the underprivileged. The underprivileged section of the society is forced to survive on the impure and dirty water that severely affects their health. Jaundice, diarrhea, typhoid, liver problems, etc. are the various health hazards faced by them due to the lack of pure and clean drinking water. Moreover, the intake of impure water not only affects the physical health of the underprivileged but also impacts brain development as well. 

It is imperative to refer here that the absence of pure drinking water acts as one of the leading causes attached to the socio-economic backwardness of these people. The consumption of impure water renders them physically ill due to which they fail to tap the resources that will enhance their socio-economic status. Recognizing the plight of such people we have come forward to provide them with clean and pure water that will enable them to lead a hygienic and healthy life.